Monday, July 12, 2004

Burr and Bowles have both upgraded their websites recently. The Bowles site is still somewhat richer in content than its rival. Neither candidate has a blog yet, but I'm picking up signals that the Bowles web campaign is about to shift into high gear.

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Here's a new source of income for bloggers, as reported in the NYT: "the Republican National Committee will this month start paying Web site owners who raise donations for the party through their sites."

You register with a company called Commission Junction, from which you get a banner ad or somesuch, and then you get 30% of the money raised at your site. (Commission Junction is owned by a public company called ValueClick.)

This might get people who wouldn't otherwise donate to donate, which is one of the RNC's goals, but it puts a high price on web giving, which is powerful in part because of its low overhead.

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