Thursday, July 08, 2004

A blogging delegate and a blogging member of the platform committee will be at the convention in Boston...This is at least as important as the presence of credentialed blogger-journos...

Will there by a blog index for all these convention blogs? If such is not planned, maybe some on-site expert could improvise a directory...

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"'Burr's record in Congress looks like a whore's bedsheet,' says Forsyth County Democratic activist and retired Wake Forest University administrator Hayes McNeil."

The Independent Weekly on Senate campaign funding in NC:

"Among the 434 current members of the U.S. House of Representatives, Richard Burr ranks in the top five for the most dollars received from each of numerous influential industries on Capitol Hill. Thirty-four industries--either industry-related PACs or individuals making their living from that field--have given Burr enough money this campaign cycle to make him their first, second, third, fourth or fifth most popular House recipient, as of April 26, 2004."

"Bowles has drawn about $350,000 from New York supporters, including lots of Wall Street types and Miramax Films chief Harvey Weinstein. Bowles has also collected checks bearing some famous Hollywood autographs: singer and actress Barbra Streisand, movie moguls Jeffrey Katzenberg and Lawrence Kasdan, director Rob Reiner, and TV producer Norman Lear, to name a few."

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Alice Marshall's comment about blogging the convention made me wonder: what about delegate bloggers?

If you are a delegate, get a blog and tell us your story. Create a blog in 3 easy steps and cover the convention from the inside.

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"A giant incoherence has overtaken both the event and everything reported outward from it...the conventions were plunged into news-less absurdity," says Jay Rosen. As one of the bloggers credentialed to cover the Democratic convention in Boston later this month, he'll try to remedy that sad situation.

Just remember to bring your laptop this time, Jay.

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