Saturday, July 24, 2004

Dave Winer says he'd like to do a convention blog site for the GOP, too: "The software is totally non-partisan."

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I just accepted an ad for Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, which will run at right for the next few weeks.

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Premature redactulation: I just caught Glenn Reynolds and Kos on CNN, talking blogs...for the informed viewer, it was a little like being a young bride on the wedding night: just as things were starting to get interesting, it was over...

Instapundit riffed that being a blogging star is like being a champion bowler -- you are a hero to a limited audience -- the modesty is becoming, and realistic on an individual basis, but it understates the collective influence of the medium.

Update: the CNN website has a bit more content. But I'd still like to see Glenn and/or Kos post meaningful chunks of their interviews...

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Woke up early and drove to VA to retrieve sonny-boy from Scout camp. Thus endeth a very pleasant childless week at our house. We are glad to have him back, though, and it is a gorgeous drive, past Pilot Mountain

and Fancy Gap

and home again.

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The convention bloggers site is rolling along, with a meaty blogroll, photos, syndicated content, etc. Thanks to Dave Winer for making it happen.

Will the GOP do anything at all similar next month?

And while we're at it...this blog accepts ads from Republicans, too, and for what it's worth I would guess that many of my readers, especially here in North Carolina, vote GOP as often as not. This is less a plea for advertising than it is a reminder that the recent influx of campaign-oriented ads does not necessarily imply an endorsement of any candidate on the part of

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