Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Jeff Jarvis has some interesting comments on Atrios unmasked, Amazon, and identity. But Atrios already had an identity, or was an identity, built one post at a time at the Eschaton weblog out of words and facts and logic and attitude. Is Atrios going to be more credible, or more popular, now that we know who lives in the mansion above the Batcave?

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The NC GOP has links to county homepages in just over half the state's 100 counties. The NC Democrats have links to about 1/3 of the counties. The GOP lists email addresses for more than 90% of its county chairmen, the Dems manage email addresses for about two-thirds of all counties. Couldn't both parties have 100-county web presences via weblog within weeks? Why wouldn't you do that?

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The Bowles blog has its first troll, its first calm and efficient bit of troll control by the new online community, and not coincidentally its first comment count for a single post to crack double digits.

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Truth Laid Bear on convention bloggers:

Not to backseat-blog or anything, but here's a bit of advice for my colleagues who actually travelled to the convention:

a) Get the hell out of "blogger alley"

b) Stop talking to each other

c) Stop taking pictures of each other

d) Stop simulblogging speeches that are being covered live by television.

e) Stop doing interviews with big media. (Yes, even fake big media).

This has been a public service announcement. Please resume blogging.

And Neal Pollack, behind the Salon adwall, spoofs the convention interlopers:

REPORTER: So there's something called blogging?

NP: Yes.

REPORTER: And it's on the Internet?

NP: That's correct.

REPORTER: So why do you like doing it?

NP: Blogging allows me to be opinionated, unlike the mainstream media, which never lets me express my opinions at all because it doesn't employ me and probably doesn't want to.

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What a curiously negative headline in this morning's N&R: "Elon falls short of funds for law school" is bannered across the local section.

Despite the tone of finality in that wording, the article says Elon has raised $9 million of the $10 million it needs to proceed with a new law school in downtown Greensboro, and that while the crash fundraising program did not meet its May 10 deadline (the N&R headline would have made sense on May 11), the campaign continues and there is an expectation that it will succeed.

The article says Jim Melvin is on the trail of about a dozen investors, with two large local companies still to be tapped.

That law school would be a great thing for Greensboro. I would be surprised to see a lousy million bucks keep it from happening.

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