Wednesday, August 11, 2004

We had a little gathering last night at the hotel in downtown St. Joe, almost the whole family turned out, people came from both coasts came to bid my grandmom farewell. As the oldest child, Dora took on a lot of responsibility for her siblings when their parents died young. "She held the family together," said one cousin. Still does, apparently.

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Ruby Sinreich emails with some questions about the Piedmont blogging conference -- minor stuff like when, where, and who can come.

I emailed her back that I was expecting her to be one of the moderators, or facilitators, or traffic-cops, or whatever the quasi-officials are called...

So I guess we're set for Saturday, August 28, 9 AM, 620 S. Elm St, GSO NC. Admission is free. I'll bring some Krispy Kreme and try to arrange for coffee.

Topics: campaign blogging, local news blogging. Maybe Ruby, Mat Gross, and Hoggard can facilitate a session on politics, I'll try to do local news with anyone who want to play.

Say they are coming: Mat Gross. Hoggard. Mike Barber. Jeff Thigpen. Ruby. Anton Zuiker. Me. Lex Alexander.

I hope every local candidate can make it. You are all invited. As are bloggers, wannabe bloggers, groupies, etc. Mike Winstead and I had a good conversation about Internet politics, I hope he shows up.

My newspaper column on Sunday will be about the emergence of local political bloggers, so maybe that will help spark interest.

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Dave Winer: "The turn to blogs is very much like previous generations of the computer revolution."

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Media Matters is watching Malkin as she pimps her book on TV.

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The future of trade journalism -- or a future, at least -- is the opinionated insider blog. Like this one, Inside Furniture, an industry weblog by longtime journalist and observer Ivan Cutler. A couple of scoops, some interesting gossip, and the thing becomes a must-read in the furniture business.

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