Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm scheduled to be on the Brad and Britt show tomorrow morning at 7:35, talking about Truth and Reconciliation and the Klan and the communists.

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About eighty years before Ben Hwang kicked off a conversation about the quality of Chinese food in Greensboro, the Lotus restaurant on South Greene Street served "chop suey and chow mein, the only Chinese dishes Greensboro residents fancied...To keep customers coming back, the Lotus menu included steaks, seafood, biscuits, corn bread and apple pie." Jim Schlosser writes about local culinary pioneer John Jung.

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"Look, the fact that something opens you up to asshole treatment by assholes doesn't excuse the asshole behavior anymore than having a few drinks at a meat market bar late at night excuses the behavior of a rapist." Atrios is talking about the unfortunate nanny in yesterday's NYT, but you might think he was referring to the situation of the CWP on November 3, 1979.

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I drove to lunch today. On the way, Jim Rome came on the radio and tried to sell me a podcast of his show. "We will find you," he told listeners. On the way back to my office, Rush Limbaugh was flogging podcasts, too.

From 24 Google hits to mass market in about the time it takes to have a baby.

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N&R looking for Summerfield correspondents.

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Jon Lowder critiques the N&R site redesign. A conversation breaks out in his comment section. I'm still waiting to see how I like it when I'm really used to it.

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