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Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Aurora Over Cape Cod (2003 July 2 ) [Astronomy Picture of the Day]
11:41:53 PM    

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An excellent MP3 (spoken word on Emerson)
DaveNet: Chris Lydon Speaks of Emerson and Weblogs. [Scripting News]
4:54:56 PM    

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Wi-Fi at Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble to kick off Wi-Fi trials [CNET News.com]
3:33:27 PM    

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Scalability of information networks
"George Bush's money is raised through small networks of wealthy individuals who tap their friends, family, and business associates. While this network is effective up to a point, it cannot compare to the scalability of a nationwide system of theaters, retail stores, or the Internet."

Jim Moore: "Moveon.org has about two million registered members. If half of them -- one million members -- gave just $1000 each, this would add up to a billion dollars." [Scripting News]
11:51:57 AM    

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A democratic web to weave
"In discussing blogs, one of the participants made the point that blogs are not much different from good old bulletin boards and therefore the blog hype is unwarranted -- bulletin boards were never considered the great democratizer of media, so why should blogs? The answer is in the architecture. The difference between bulletin boards and blogs is simple: RSS. The architecture of RSS feeds and modern publishing platforms make the dissemination of information created on an individual level potentially massive."

My question here at Mediaburn is, "Will the new 'Echo' format be an anti-democratic force."

Is The Web Inherently Democratic? [VentureBlog]
11:42:33 AM    

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To all the Mediaburn readers in Canada, Happy Canada Day!

Canadians toast 136 years [The Globe And Mail: National]
11:24:29 AM    

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A picture named Picture031.jpgOrion Day. Listen to the live feed of Bayern 1; today's Orion Day. [The Cartoonist]
11:15:03 AM    

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