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Friday, March 14, 2003

Summit County has a new website.  While there, I noticed that Scott Green, former budget director with the State Office of Planning and Budget is now with the county as their Director of Government Services.  OPB has also redone the look of their website.   I called Scott up and he will be moving over to be the Finance Director for county water whcih just went through a major audit and has some financial problems.  I wish him well in his efforts to resolve them.

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Barbara Haven refers to California's surplus property sales on eBay.  They seem to be getting some excellent reviews and quite a few bids on most items.  One reviewer compares California's sales to Oregon's:

"...much better than Oregon's state sales: Oregon's lots are poorly grouped"

Utah started selling property on eBay several years ago with mixed success.  We have also sold some stuff through eSurplus Auction, a company based in Lindon, UT.  Several school districts and municipalities in our state also use this service.  We even have our own online auction where we have sold about $53,000 worth of property this year.  The majority of our sales are still done onsite, although many customers use our website to search for available property before coming in.  Here's a snowcat that you can bid on:

Snowcat for sale through Utah's online auction service

For those readers in Utah, the State also has a contract with TNT Auctions to sell heavy equipment.  Their next government auction is on March 22nd.  You can view photos of the equipment online.

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