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Friday, March 28, 2003

Doug Chandler is blogging again and his latest post is on an important topic.  The meeting with NICS got everyone a little excited as we looked at pushing radio traffic over our IP network for interoperability.  Everyone wants to get involved and the Forest Service already has the initial pilot up and running.
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Dave Winer is making rapid progress in the development of the Harvard blogging community.  He has now unleashed an application that allows anyone with a Harvard email address to set up a weblog on the Berkman Center's webserver.  The Harvard directory already contains 36 bloggers.  Now wouldn't that be interesting if everyone that used email also maintained a weblog.  Think of the potential for idea sharing and community development!  The next step is more seamless integration of the blog / email infrastructure.  Create a checkbox in your email client that, if checked, will send the content directly to your weblog.  I know Radio has a post from email option, but it requires a little more effort than the average user is accustomed to...

Tariq Mohammed  is a Kennedy School grad who is now blogging his experience as a UN volunteer in Kampala, Uganda.

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Several years ago, GSA was charged with managing the .gov domain by the Federal Networking Council.  Fortunately, Utah had obtained the utah.gov domain prior to that time.  Today, GSA finalized rules associated with dot gov.  The rule includes recommendations for local government domain names.  GSA's registration service can be found at http://www.nic.gov/ .  In Utah, we are recommending for consistency and easy recognition that local governments register through utah.gov with the format "provo.utah.gov" or utahcounty.utah.gov".  Al Sherwood is the registrar for the Utah.gov domain.
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The March issue (isn't it almost April) of Capitol Connections is online.  Included in this issue are an article on DEQ's efforts to support NEIEN development and the One-Stop Reporting Project, as well as an article by Doug Chandler on ITS wireless operations

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that hackers redirected an Al Jazeera site to a site supported by a Salt Lake-based ISP.

I just heard on the radio that there is a major denial-of-service attack coming from France, Russia, and China against NetWorld which is the ISP where the Al-Jazeera site was re-directed to...

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