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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

On the eve of war with Iraq, we are seeing significant increases in cyber activity.  Tighten your security and be vigilant.  After the elevation of the Homeland Security System to Orange-High, the Internet Storm Center is now showing a yellow alert status.  There is definitely an increase of port 80 attacks.  If you're running on IIS, be sure to check the latest CERT advisory with an echo from the NIPC.
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Paladin self propelled howitzerI heard this morning that eighty percent of Utah's Army National Guard has been mobilized, including many state employees.  Governor Leavitt addressed the 222nd Field Artillery Battalion in Cedar City as they prepared for departure,

"I am here to express our gratitude, our support.  I am here to salute your readiness. The president has called upon us in unity of the civilized world to free the Iraqi people from a despot who holds them captive. You are carrying our hearts and are clothed in our love."

The 222nd will be sent to Fort Carson, Colorado prior to deployment to the Persian Gulf.  Governor Leavitt was a former officer of the battalion.  The battalion was one of the first National Guard units trained and equipped with the M109A6 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer (shown at right).

Kevin Sites, who is in northern Iraq, is making good use of audioblogging while he is on the move.  This is certainly a good time to use audioblogs.  It's got to be very difficult to maintain a blog in those conditions and with audioblogger, you can post directly from your cellphone.

Global Security has a page that details Iraq's "special weapons" facilities, including biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons, as well as missile sites.   The site also has maps showing where these are located.  Watch these areas as the war unfolds. 

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