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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Michael Barletta of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies provides an analysis of the risks with associated potential costs and benefits of Disarming Iraq by Force.

Unresolved Disarmament Issues - A working paper by UNMOVIC

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Telecommunications AntennaThe FCC has some great online egov applications, some of which we are using and I didn't even know.  For example, the antenna structure registration system (ASR) allows to perform slope calculations, register call signs, and manage antenna information online.  I also didn't realize that I could search here and find all of our towers with height, location, etc.  I have been spending some time learning about wireless in conjunction with some of the goals we have to expand service for wireless data support.

Another application allows you to search for broadband license applications and licenses.  The results also include engineering information when available.  144 such applications have been filed in Utah.  CORES is the FCCs common identification and registration system.

The FCC also receives quarterly reports from over 1600 broadcast stations on children's programming.  You can look at these reports by geographic area.

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