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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Today was the Sixth National HIPAA Summit.  HIPAA is a big deal for the states and the healthcare industry in general.  The Summit website points to an extensive library of streaming video with presentations from previous summits.  Here's some from 2002HIPAA GIVES is an organization of state agencies from across the country that is used to share HIPAA-related information.  There are quite a few members from Utah.  I have been told that this is a very useful organization, although I don't have access to the secure part of the website. 

HIPAA: What States Should Know

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An article in the local morning paper discusses how the war in Iraq is fueling interest in weblogs.

"Nonexistent 10 years ago, today there are more than 111,000 Web logs on the Internet, according to blogstreet.com, which serves as a both a directory for Web logs and bible for bloggers. The war has been an unexpected boost. Fueled by the public's appetite for instant news reports and skepticism about traditional media, war-related Web logs are popping up in all shapes and sizes. "

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Phil Windley captures the message of an interesting conference on digital identity held in California.  The conference was co-sponsored by the State of Utah as part of its post-2002 trade mission initiative.  The conference was attended by Governor Leavitt, Natalie Gochner, Tom Siebel, Utah CIO Val Oveson, and others.  The presentations:

By the way, Digital ID World provides this RSS feed.  Next up (today and tomorrow) is Los Angeles, where Utah will be one of the major sponsors of the Digital Media Summit.  Governor Leavitt will be a featured keynote speaker along with visionaries from the media and entertainment industry such as J Allard with XBox.

Governor's Office Press Release

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