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Monday, May 12, 2003

Ok, I think I see what the problem is.

The instructions provides on using the Radio OPML method contradict the instructions provided by Userland Software at says to use their code which points back to their site, but Userland Software says to point to your /gems/blogroll.opml file. I've done the latter and the Blogroll feature now works. Only thing is, it'll now take manual work to update the blogroll. <sigh>

> Ok, I just tried Blogrolling Jenny Levine's The Shifted Librarian, so let's see if this works now.
The instructions provided by to use Radio's OPML didn't work for me.
> Testing my OPML file.
> Blogarama and Surfarama
Blogarama is another blog tracking Yahoo!-style directory. Checkout Surfarama, an Internet Explorer toolbar that searches Daypop.
> Blogs and wikis, will the convergence ever end?
Blogalization is an international, multilingual community blog, much more ambitious than the recently launched (relaunched) (founded by and using software called MetaPhilter), itself a clone of I was pleased to see that has a MetaFilter Wiki, less pleased that its hidden away with no visible link on the front page, like, what, are they afraid the wiki will pollute the blog. Blogalization launched its Blogalization Conspiracy Wiki on May 11, 02003 and it's right up front there.
> Blogwise blog tracking site
Here's another fairly new blog tracking site called Blogwise.comBlogwise

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