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Saturday, May 24, 2003
> Internet Search Skills: Tutorials and Courses
Internet Search Skills: Tutorials and Courses. I'm re-posting this valuable article about learning Internet search skills from the Web Tools Newsletter maintained by the Education Development Office of the City University of Hong Kong (I first saw the article mentioned in the Ed Tech Dev weblog). Consult the home page maintained by the Center, on Web Tools for Learning, for additional articles. (Click on the enclosure.) ____ Internet Search Skills: Tutorials and Courses. The latest Web Tools newsletter concerns learning to better search for information on the web. There's now a substantial range of help organised as tutorials and courses for every level: in this week's Web Tools Newsletter, we look at some of the best available. [Ed Tech Dev] [EduResources Weblog--Higher Education Resources Online]
> Will Starbucks ever provide service-oriented Java?
Ones to Watch in 2004: Applications on the bleeding edge. The technologists behind service-oriented Java, quantum encryption, and mesh networks are leading IT into the future [InfoWorld: Top News]

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