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Thursday, May 29, 2003
> Roller Weblogger Java application and blog hosting service offers free blog hosting that includes support for RSS headline aggregation (not very useful) and RSS syndication of your blog content via the Java-based Roller Weblogger Version application. You can easily post without publishing, and use an external Blogger API client such as w.bloggar (a little short on details in the Roller Weblogger manual on how to do this through There's also supposed to be an export feature by which you can export your blog entries into the Roller XML format as a safeguard against a Roller administrator who's not regularly backing up the blog database. Bookmarks are included, and some other goodies you can check out for yourself.

The Roller Weblogger site also points you to some other interesting Java-based blog authoring/publishing software, some of which incorporate wiki-like functionality.

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