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Monday, May 19, 2003
> Iraq War and Archaeology site by Dr. Francis Deblauwe
The 2003 Iraq War & Archaeology is the work of Dr. Francis Deblauwe, "an independent scholar, native of Belgium, living in Kansas City, Missouri," and documents the tragedy of the Iraq Museum and the Iraq archives during the U.S. led Iraq War to topple Saddam Hussein.
> System Simulation Ltd., a museum-archives-gallery-library software company
System Simulation Ltd., a United Kingdom company founded in 1970, offers a variety of applications that support collection and information management requirements of museums, archives, galleries and libraries. Among their customers are the British Museum, the London Transport Museum, the V&A Museum, Getty Images, SCRAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network), and The 24 Hour Museum.
> GIS maps from British Columbia

Some very cool new and updated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps coming out of British Columbia.

  • FishWizard (Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Province of British Columbia)
  • (Ministry of Energy and Mines, Province of British Columbia)
  • Online Cadastre (Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, Province of British Columbia), probably the first of its kind in North America, and designed for locating and displaying detailed information on Crown land holdings, as well as alienated Crown land (private property). Government users can also link directly to Tantalis GATOR, the Crown Land Registry Services database where digitized legal survey plans, surveyor's fieldbooks, and Crown Grant documents are found.
  • Provincial Base Map (Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, Province of British Columbia)
  • Aquifers and Water Wells in British Columbia (Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, Province of British Columbia; a description of this service is at
  • MapView Lite (Ministry of Forests, Province of British Columbia)
  • Forest Service Recreation Maps (Ministry of Forests, Province of British Columbia; not quite GIS, but large scale maps)
  • Natural Areas Atlas for the Capital Region (Capital Regional District, BC)
  • VanMap (City of Vancouver)
  • GISInquiry (City of Richmond)
> CGI::Kwiki, a Perl module for creating a wiki

CGI::Kwiki by Brian Ingerson, May 13, 2003, (O'Reilly Network), describes a new Perl module, CGI::Kwiki, that lets you "create Wiki Web site in less than a minute." CGI:Kwiki is an abbreviated, less complex and non-database version of another Perl wiki module, CGI::Wiki, by  Kate "Kake" Pugh. It's not clear from Brian's article who wrote CGI:Kwiki. You can download CGI::Kwiki from FreePAN, the Free Programming Archive Network.

[ via Ben Hammersley's Webloggery, May 19, 02003]

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