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Sunday, May 18, 2003
> CMSWatch Releases 4th Edition of The CMS Report

CMSWatch Releases 4th Edition of The CMS Report

"We are pleased to announce the latest edition of The CMS Report. Now weighing in at 176 pages, the report outlines how to develop a CMS strategy and gather requirements, and compares 25 major European and North American CMS vendors in detail. The new edition explores the difference between "Web" and "Enterprise" content management, and discusses the implications for you, the buyer. Also, a new section reveals vendor pricing tactics, and how to negotiate the best deal..."

The report costs $895 US and can be ordered online. Two open source CMS products reviewed by CMSWatch for the report are Midgard and Zope.

[via CMSWatch Trends and Features, May 6, 02003]
> The Tragedy of the API
The Tragedy of the API The Tragedy of the API. I perhaps now understand the need for standards bodies more than I ever have before-even though the term gives me willies. ...
[EvHead 12: The Quickening, May 10, 02003 via Meerkat: An Open Wire Service, May 18, 02003]
Glad to see that Ev ( feels the same way I do about a lot of what Dave Winer (Radio/Manila/Userland Software) has accomplished, and that organizations that set open standards are important. How this plays out between the Blogger API vs the MetaBlogger API (aka Userland Software), let alone the various third-party tools designed to take advantage of both, remains to be seen.

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