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Sunday, May 25, 2003
> Tiki, a wiki-blog portal-type content management system

Finally managed to get a full-scale CMS PHP-based wiki-blog installed under Windows. I came across a WAMP (Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP) product from e-novative in Germany. So I installed that, then installed Tiki version 1.6 Tau Ceti release from

The installation part of the documentation with Tiki is not the best because it assumes too much knowledge on the part of the end user. Because Apache got installed into Program FilesApache GroupApache, I had to figure out that the Apache "htdocs" folder is where the "tiki" directory tree needed to reside. There was also a misnamed Tiki database in one of the PHP script files. The Tiki installation also assumed a different MySQL user ID. So once all that was sorted out, the installation worked like a charm.

Tiki's a full-fledged portal-type CMS that incorporates elements of wiki into its design. You can have wiki pages and the blog pages can also be wiki-enabled. There are a whole rack of features, such as a Yahoo!-style Directory or link farm you can build yourself.

Tiki reminds me very much of Infocetera. I think I like Tiki a whole lot better.

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