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Monday, December 02, 2002

Military-Entertainment Complex Shift

Enjoying the IITSEC conference.  Drove a tank, shot a rocket launcher, had my motion sensed.

One thing that is apparent is a major shift.  Used to be that the military was the source of pure technical innovation that trickled to the entertainment industry.  Now the maturity of entertainment technologies, specifically 3D Game Engines, battle tested by the minions, have evolved to be comparable to proprietary 8+ figure alternatives.  Used to be that the entertainment industry pushed the boundries of content.  Now military requirements for realism, performance, distributed interoperability and scenarios are pushing new boundries.  This shift is further driven by military adoption of commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware and 3D hardware in the gaming industry like Nvidia's GeForce.  Wont be long until content requirements of the military push technical development by entertainment -- not a convergence, but a new interplay.

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Social Network Mapping Project
Launched a project with Valis Krebs to map the social networks of the Blog Tribe, both within Ryze and their blogrolls.  Visualizing the fusion of two distinct, but mutually explicit, communities should result in functional benefits and hopefully reveal commonalities.
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Werblog: "One week to go until Supernova. I won't be doing much blogging here until afterwards." Kevin is smart, but he still doesn't get weblogs. Kevin, as you approach your conference you should ramp up your weblog not shut it down, to build interest in this year's show, and next year's. We've hit the reset button on the tech industry and that includes the way we do conferences. [Scripting News]

There is a great generalization here, but Kevin does get weblogs -- and others are blogging the conference for him.

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