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Sunday, December 29, 2002

Survey on Weblogs & Wikis
Sébastien Paquet is doing a survey on the usefulness of weblogs and wikis for sharing knowledge.
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Pricing Reputation

7.6 percent if you have an established identity on eBay. According to a study by researchers at several universities, sellers with a lot of positive ratings from other eBayers (for example, I have 148 ratings from other people on the service), even if they'd been dinged a few times, got higher prices than those with no established track record. Thanks for the link to Howard Rheingold. [RatcliffeBlog: Business, Technology & Investing]

What this study couldn't possibly capture is when negative reputation ratings result in blacklisting.  All credit ratings and credit risks have a market price impact (I've said it before, I'll say it again: reputation = credit), but at a certain point when risk of default is too high and the market is not intermediated, counterparties will not be able to participate in the market.

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Since Google is increasingly becoming a navigation tool, beyond search, one feature for the Google Toolbar could be routing around bad links.  When a 404 error appears, depending upon user preferences, routing to a spell checked URL, cached version or similar page to the previously crawled version would add to the Web's integrity.
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