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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scotsman: "A retired Scottish police officer who worked at a senior level on the Lockerbie case has made a series of astounding allegations against his fellow investigators, accusing them of tampering with evidence.
The detective, who is not named but is given the codename Golfer throughout the defence submission to the SCCRC, makes a number of dramatic claims. Foremost among them is his contention that bogus evidence became central to the case against Megrahi, 55.

If they are proved to be true, his astonishing claims that evidence was fabricated and planted to create the Maltese chain of evidence linking to Megrahi will cause irreparable damage to a Scottish justice system already tarnished by its handling of the case.
Golfer alleges pieces of supposedly bomb-damaged clothing, parts of a timer circuit board and an instruction manual for a Toshiba radio-cassette recorder were added to the evidence to lay a trail that would lead to the 'bomber'.
In a damning indictment of Scottish justice, he claims senior members of the Lockerbie investigating team agreed to manufacture and manipulate evidence to help secure a suspect and conviction."

I have reported many times about this affair and all evidence points to a scam involving MI5 and MI6 to blame Libya.
10:59:04 AM    

Harper's: "If you're not concerned about the prospects for another war in the Middle East in the near future, consider that you may be a sleepwalker. There is every reason to be concerned. The prospects are numerous. In the Gaza Strip and the West Bank a brutal conflict has erupted between forces which reflect two different generations of Palestinian radicalism. In Lebanon, foreign intrigue and assassinations continue, sucking Syria, the United States and Israel into one of the region's oldest communitarian conflicts. The prospects for another summer war in Lebanon, likely involving one or more foreign participants, have to be seen as excellent. Syria itself is in the crosshairs in Washington. Olmert's Government in Israel, still licking its wounds from last summer's expeditionary catastrophe, wants to take the temperature down a few degrees and start a dialogue with the Syrians - but this initiative has given the last diehard neocons in Washington a conniption. Then of course we have Iraq, where Washington's 'surge' operations continue without conclusive result as a September deadline draws closer.

And yet none of these conflicts is the coming war that I see looming on the horizon. The coming war pits the United States against Iran. For the dead-ender neoconservatives (and indeed, neoconservatives are by their psychology just the sort of people who make excellent dead-enders), the solution to the current dilemma - a catastrophic failure in Iraq, badly miscast plans in Lebanon, an increasingly angry American electorate - is simple: we need a new war. Nothing focuses the mind and silences the opposition quite like a good little war, they believe. And while times may be difficult for the neocons generally, not to worry - they still have the key man. One man is the 'decider' on questions respecting Iran. His name is Dick Cheney."
10:50:09 AM    

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