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Daily Permalink Sunday, January 06, 2002

Someone's putting the gnome in a locker: Lockergnome is under a denial of service attack. Man, that really sucks. I don't know why hackers get their rocks off by doing that to people. I'm sure at some point in my life someone will do something stupid like that to me. You're all cowards and no better than the terrorists who flew those planes on 9/11. Why don't you put your skill toward doing something positive for the world?

If I died tonight

If God took me in my sleep tonight I'd die a very lucky man. Why's that? Well, I've had a chance to witness the development of a product that will change the world.

And it ain't Steve Jobs' new iMac.

I really have been far more of an observer than a participant. I didn't code a single line. I didn't really help build the feature set. But, I'm a lucky man, and soon you will be too.

Why do I think UserLand's new product is a product that'll change the world?

Easy, it's already changed mine.

You might think that's just some bullshit from another sleazy marketing droid. Hey, even I admit I'm not Steve Jobs and can't get you to pay attention the way he can when he just puts a flat-panel screen on a new computer or puts computers in colored cases. I wish I had that kind of magic.

No, instead, over the next few weeks I hope to show you how Radio UserLand will change the world and will let you write on the Web faster and easier.

I've watched a lot of software being built from afar. I've been beta testing for Adobe and Microsoft for more than a decade now. But next to ICQ, and Outlook, now the app that I spent the most time in is Radio UserLand.

Working with this team is quite an honor, let me tell you. It's the only thing that's kept me sane over the past few months (and there's been quite a bit of insane stuff in my life lately).

I'm staring at the user interface and saying "damn, this is a work of art."

See, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs might get all the headlines this week. But soon you're gonna discover what really changed in Silicon Valley recently and that's no bullshit. If I died tonight, it'd be with a smile on my face. Thanks Dave and team!

Tip for Radio/Windows users: when in the news aggregator, if you'd like to a new browswer window to open when you visit a link or a site, just hold down the shift key when you click on a link and that link will open in a new browser window.

Welcome Radio UserLand 7.1 fans!

New Radio Weblog. I started a Radio UserLand 7.1 weblog. I haven't really put anything up yet because all the beta testers are still under non-disclosure agreements, but as news starts happening I'll start pointing at things.

Yesterday a friend took me to visit her father's grave in Los Gatos. It was the seventh anniversary of his death. As I stood over his grave with her family I noticed Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, English, and Vietnamese names. All within 60 feet of each other. And people wonder why I love America?

Blogger Enquirer: OK, I was just looking over the DayPop top 40 and I gotta tell you that the weblogging world is looking more andm ore like the National Enquirer everyday. I guess we just like the salacious stuff, huh?

Good morning Scobleizer victims! I have a new URL just for my Scobleizer Weblog: . Thanks Dave and Lawrence!

Congrats to Wesley Felter, winner of Scripting News' Best Technology Weblog Award. That and $2.50 will buy you a Starbucks Latte, but I'm jealous, so there!

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