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Daily Permalink Sunday, January 13, 2002

Chris Pirillo: "Why is it called Radio UserLand? Why am I addicted to exploring this application?" (Chris is the author of and is co-host of TechTV's Call for Help).

Al Smith: "Radio's Mail-to-Weblog feature is very cool indeed. The post below was submitted via a NTT Docomo i-mode phone's email application (all the way from Japan). Maybe it's the first Radio weblog posting to come in via i-mode?? We used the P503i model phone, which has a version of J2ME built in. The first Java enabled phone in the world. This particular phone was available in Japan almost 1 year ago!"

What a weekend!

If there is a God, I'm wondering why he arranged for so much to happen in my life all at once? I mean, shipping a new product that gets 1000 downloads in a weekend while moving out, while telling my son about the changes that are happening in both of our lives. That was over the top.

But, what a feeling. For the first time in nine years I'm in charge of my home again. The pictures go where I want them. The clothes are arranged where I want them to be.

The feelings that I've been going through the past week are incredible. I'm trying to remember simply to breath and remember what this is like.

It's like being at the top of KT-22 in Squaw Valley with completely untracked snow. Total fear. Total exhilaration.

It's a chance to learn who I am and redefine who I am at the same time.

It's also time for me to reflect on what I did wrong in the past nine years and what I can do differently in the next nine years.

But, life is moving so fast right now it's hard to reflect adequately. There's so much to do. Dishes. Laundry. Buying stuff.

Oh, is buying stuff so much fun. Not.

I don't know why women like shopping. There's absolutely nothing fun about spending time in Target.

Hey, I have a table and chairs now.

Oh, and I fit in a movie this weekend too! I saw Ocean's 11 with a bunch of friends. Good movie. Not as exciting as my life lately, though. I think breaking into the Belagio's vault is easier than getting divorced.

But, let's turn away from my personal life.

What a team I work with here. They have been working nights and weekends for weeks now fixing bugs and issues and this weekend is no different.

I'm honored to be a part of it. The numbers of new weblogs we've seen pop up over the weekend is awesome.

I guess now everyone has the ability to write weblogs and tell us what's happening in their lives.

That's been my driving dream for the past 10 years since I was in Journalism School at San Jose State University. To help people publish their ideas, thoughts, feelings without constraints from technology or governments.

Now a good deal of the technical constraints are gone. Yeah, there's still more to go, but I watched my seven-year-old son type a weblog without any help needed from me so I know we're pretty darn close.

Now it's time to get the technology into everyone's hands. So far 1000 people have Radio UserLand. Only six billion to go.

Scott Hanson: "The first thing I noticed was the documentation. Finally it is clearly explained what Radio is and what it can do, no easy task given all the capabilities."

David Davies is weblogging from inside a plane with Radio UserLand 8.0 and a cell phone. Awesome!

Kyle Clarke: "I can recommend RU for bit-twiddler/programmer types, but not yet for non-programmers or non-web types." Scoble's notes: I will link to all stories, not just positive ones. Kyle has a list of issues he's found. Some of the issues he reports are known or are by design and others we're working on fixing. Keep watching the mailing list for more news. And keep sending your reports to me at

Ray Ozzie: "Testing ... this is so very cool. No, it's better than it appears." Scoble's note: Ray is the guy who brought us Lotus Notes and Groove.

I've subscribed to Radio Userland. It's a cool aggregator. It's a cool database. It's a cool CMS. I've said that before. But now it's also the best FTP client. It's like editing directly on the server. It made it much easier to start implementing the xmlStorageSystem. [ weblog]

8 on X 
 With a little (okay, a lot) of help from Brent and Dave, I'm up on Radio 8 on OS X. It looks and feels wonderful. I just wish I had something more to say, but it's pushing 1am and I need to sleep. Stay tuned, if not awake.
[Doc Searls Weblog]

Tony Colleen: "Radio rocks."

Tools Directory for Radio UserLand 8.0. You can add functionality onto Radio by downloading and installing tools. Thanks to Jeremy Bowers for keeping this up to date.

Kishore Balakrishnan: "It is cold outside and visibility is less than 500 meters... But Radio UserLand makes me feel warm inside..."

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