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Daily Permalink Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Radio UserLand has already started getting some nice reviews from beta testers:

Clark Venable
Stanley Krute
Steven Vore
Robert Barksdale

Read the official Radio UserLand 8.0 site here.

There's a revolution in Web publishing coming:

I'm starting a Radio UserLand 8.0 Weblog. More to come shortly.

Hey webloggers! It's time to get the Bay Area Weblogger Interest Group kicking again. I know a few of them are up at Macworld right now meeting, I wish I could have been there. So, let's meet January 22. That's a Tuesday night. At 7:30 at the Dana Street Coffee House in Mountain View. Lots of fun and socializing. A minimum of thinking. Of course, lots of weblogging tips and tricks and maybe a suprise speaker. Only if you think that's more interesting than talking about geeky stuff amongst yourselves.

Microsoft brings DVD into the picture. DVD recording gets a big endorsement from the software potentate, which is licensing authoring technology from Sonic Solutions, presumably for use in Windows XP. [CNET]

Nice Notes: I've gotten some very nice notes this morning from folks regarding my post last night. It's nice to see the amount of caring and compassion in this community. Onward and upward!

I'll add this to the templates later, but if you want to write me, I'm at I appreciate knowing anything cool about technology.

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