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Daily Permalink Saturday, January 12, 2002

David Hoskin: "$ anybody else amazed at this?"

Garth Kidd: "Also wicked is the browser based WYSIWYG edit control in Radio. Perfect. I want it in any other browser based CMS I use from now on, thanks!"

Dan Gillmor: "This is the first post to the OS X version of my new radio weblog. Couldn't be easier. This is really quite remarkable."

Brent Simmons: Radio UserLand 8.0 Tips (Brent is one of the developers who worked on Radio 8.0).

Gary Petersen: "Wow! Is Radio easy to use or what! I'm amazed at the ease of getting set up and the way the product almost leads you through setting up a weblog. Including hosting with the annual cost of the license ($39.95) was a stroke of genius."

Karl Martino: "I'm gonna make a bold claim - that Radio is the Lotus 123 of weblogging." Karl is the Technology Development Manager for KnightRidder Digital.

Kimbro Staken: "Now that I've gotten a little venting out of the way about my full night's worth of Radio induced pain. I should say there are quite a few things to like about the product, of course there's also a lot to not like about it."

Scoble writes: Tell me your Radio UserLand 8.0 experiences. Write them up, and send me the URL! I'll link to both good and bad.

Sjoerd Visscher: "I've been checking out Radio Userland since I woke up. I was planning to go to my parents today, but that'll have to wait."

Scott Loftesness: "Radio 8.0 is my secret weapon!"

Jason DeFillippo: "Ok, this thing has serious glitches as far as switching between using my FTP server (which doesn't really work) and back to posting at Userland." Scoble's note: we're working on fixing all bugs and I'll link to all stories here about Radio UserLand, both good and bad.

Robert Cassidy: "When was the last time you got a toy so cool, you just didn't quite know how to start playing with it?"

Wow, I have the number one spot on Radio UserLand today. It's nice to see all these new faces. Oh, I see Dave linked to me today.

What a night. It's so nice to ship and see all the new Radio weblogs. I can't wait to see what folks do with it.

My personal life is getting better. My life has integrity again. Now onward. Hey, I survived. But, yeah, life is weird. I feel like I'm living in a movie. So far the tragic ending hasn't happened. Knock on wood.

Anyway, I told Dave last night that I feel free to write again. That's so true. It's hard to write when your life is going through whiplash. Now that we've shipped everything feels great. There's still some rough times to come, that's for sure, but it feels like my personal 9/11 is behind me.

Have a great weekend!

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