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Daily Permalink Wednesday, January 16, 2002

My son Patrick sure keeps my spirits up. He can turn an ordinary salad into something fun. Tonight I was making a spinach salad and he said "how about if we put gummy bears in there?"

Hey, it turned out half decent. Single parenthood is no picnic, that's for sure, but it does bring its own rewards as well.

Burning Radio CDs

I just got a Yamaha external CDR. Why did I pick this one? Cause it was the only one that said on the box that it worked with Windows XP. And work it does. I'm on my 12th CD in about an hour. We're handing out a few after Dave Winer's keynote talk at the InfoWorld Web Services conference tomorrow. It didn't need any special drivers or anything. Very nice.

I love Windows XP's CD burning features. Very easy. Almost as easy as posting a new weblog with Radio UserLand.

Speaking of Conferences

I dropped by the Macromedia conference this morning in San Francisco. Yes, it's smaller than usual, but not by much. The attendees were excited. They saw a preview of Flash 6.0.

But, where's the .NET version of Dreamweaver Ultradev? Is Macromedia making a mistake by not having it out or at least not leaking info about it? Are they not doing a .NET version? Well, then, what are they doing in answer to Microsoft?

Garth Kidd: A weblog about Garth's experiences Radio UserLand 8.0.

Dan Bricklin: "I've been playing with the programming and upstreaming part of Radio. Really cool." (Dan's the guy who created VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet).

Mike Jamieson: Radio bookmarklet for subscribing to RSS feeds.

Dave Winer: Radio 8.0.1 is out.

Michael Fraase: "I didnít think Radio UserLand could get any cooler, but it did. Way cooler."

Robert Occhialini: "I am now using Dave's new tool to mirror posts between regular Bump(currently powered by Blogger) and Radio Bump (currently powered by Radio Userland). So you can choose to visit either and you will get all of the content for the time being. It just worked on the first try. That's cool. Really."

Seth Dillingham: Conversant now supports the Blogger API. Here are instructions for mirroring a Radio Weblog to Conversant.

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