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Daily Permalink Friday, January 11, 2002

Guy Bjerke: "Radio 8.0 is so well designed - well documented - even I get it."

Phil Ackley: "By the the by, if you haven't check out Radio 8 Yet, you must be living under a rock. This is the most impressive piece of software I've seen since, well, shit... Since way back when."

William Simoni: "This was up and running in mere minutes. The easy of use and customizability are simply amazing."

Chap Chapman: "Wait -- I had a new blog going in 10 minutes. Fucking A. Dave, you are a God."

Santos L. Halpern: "I think I just crapped my pants."

Colin Faulkingham: "Nice work guys. You really have something here to be proud of."

Peter Gallagher: "Pushback (first impressions)"

Dan Burns gets the first official Radio usernum. Here's his URL:

Blackholebrain: "Radio 8 is like Segway for the 'information super sidewalk'... what an unbelieveably cool product for such an affordable price. Congratulations Userland!!! >:]"

Rogi: "Weblogs.Com: Recently Changed Weblogs might have to be renamed 'Radio Weblogs.Com: Recently Changed Internet' ?" Scoble's comment: yeah, has anyone seen lately? It's all Radio sites. Wow.

Juan Collas: "I actually bought this. It's pretty cool."

Scripting News: Radio UserLand 8.0 has been released.

Sean Gallagher: "I am, so far, pretty impressed by Radio 8."

Greg Hanek: "If you just want inexpensive blog hosting and a kind blogging tool, this is it."

Dan Shafer: "Radio 8 is the Web's Typewriter." Scoble's comments: Dan is the guy who started CNET's site and conference. He's a huge voice in the Web community and has written something like 60 books. In other words, when he says something's important, it is.

Daniel Berlinger: "The beta group fell in love with this great icon. It looks even better live."

Robert Scoble: 13 more things I like about Radio UserLand 8.0

Robert Scoble: 11 things I like about Radio UserLand 8.0. (Originally posted yesterday).

Wow.  Here are my results on a clean install of Radio 8. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

DesignWeenie: "Wow, $40 for Radio Userland 8. That's about $60 less than I was expecting." Editor's note: there are no threading limitations in Radio UserLand 8.0.

Garret P. Vreeland: "I believe Radio 8 will be a great success for UserLand. Especially if they follow up this outstanding development effort with an equally effective marketing push. There's a glow about it, and it's not just marketing hype." Editor's note: this is one of the best reviews I've seen so far.

For those of you who are new here, I have a few different weblogs running here: is my home page which includes ALL my content I post. You're reading that page right now. is my Radio UserLand 8.0 weblog. All the news I can find for Radio and more. is my Scobleizer weblog. Commentary about the Internet lifestyle and more about the crap I do and am interested in. I scour the Internet for Windows XP news and info for this weblog.

As always, I welcome comments at

Radio 8.0 Tip from Ken Dow: Want your own domain with Radio 8.0? "You can use a service like to manage your own DNS, which includes cloaked referrals to other sites. I believe this would give you what you want."

Adam Curry: "I'm buying a copy of Radio 8.0 for everyone in my company and I congratulate all at Userland. Not just for delivering an excellent Desktop Website Suite, but for writing such wonderful understandable words. Your code reads comfortably, it is thoughtfully structured and at times an adventurous treat to 'follow'."

Robert Scoble: Desktop Website by the Numbers. "This page is the heart of Radio 8.0 and is where you'll spend most of your time. It's easy to use, just follow the numbers!"

New Tool for Radio UserLand 8.0: Email news to yourself from Radio with Doug Kaye's "news2mail" tool. Awesome!

Mark Paschal: "[Radio UserLand 8.0] is more powerful than Blogger ($30) and LiveJournal ($25)."

Andy Fragen: "Radio 8 is simply amazing. In no other software package can you get so much value. Yes sheer value. CMS is an awesome thing. Say it slowly, Content Management System. Integrate the desktop. Render on the fly. Upstream automagically."

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