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Better Email Than Jail

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You wrote: "Once you get the online world to accept Passport, getting the offline world to accept it isn't that hard. I can imagine a day when I can buy Starbucks coffee by using my PocketPC device and my Passport." It's close. 1. Notice the Passport widget at the top right of the screen. 2. lets you order a drink online. Doesn't use passport yet, but I suspect it will.

Buzz Bruggeman: "The powers that be just told me that the real price of Radio is $39.95 per year, and I had written per month. For the enormous fun that creating a Weblog is, it seemed like almost $40 a month is a bargain, to find out that it is $39.95 per month, I feel like I won the lottery and I can now take the rest of the day off."

John Montgomery: "Thanks, Dave Winer, for a marvelous program which has taken me all of two minutes to install and get posted!"

Michael J. Hehir: "This seems easy enough. Type some text into a box, then click 'Post to Weblog.'"

Mark Paschal has a cool replacement for the RU8 news aggregator viewer. He also adds a simple search feature.

This again is a tribute to the engineering skills of the Userland developpers. You can't change the user interface and add features this easily on any other application I know of. [Too Much News]

Sun posts loss; McNealy throws jabs. The server maker loses $431 million, but execs talk of progress. Meanwhile, CEO Scott McNealy talks of bayonets and developers, and even mocks Bill Gates. [CNET Enterprise]

My comment? No vision, no future. What is Sun bringing to the table that's better than Microsoft's offerings? Can anyone see that Sun is rudderless or am I just smoking better dope lately?

Rob McNair Huff: "Since Radio 8.0 makes it so easy to route different types of Web posts to different categories, or even to completely different Web sites, I am going to start offering a fairly regular new feature in Mac Net Journal - a series of tips for working with OS X!" and "Radio 8 Hits The Airwaves is a story on MacSlash about last weekend's release of my new favorite Weblog and content management software..."

I like Michael Jardeen's weblog. Yeah, I agree, Enron's execs need to be ripped a new one.

Drew Wells: "I'm sure I'll be typing the same words as everyone using the new Radio install. Wow, it's so simple! Very nice. Very nice."

Buzz Bruggeman writes: "There is truly nothing better in sports that being at the Duke Indoor Stadium and watching a Duke basketball game. Tonight the boys in blue played great, beat Maryland by 21, and looked like they could win it all, i.e. the Final Four."

I respond: someday before I die I'd like to see a Duke game with Buzz. That sounds like a lot of fun! Hey, it'd be even better if my son went to school there. Patrick's only 10 years away from college. Scary.

Buzz Bruggeman: "One of the really fun things that I have been doing is reading a number of different Weblogs. The guys at UserLand, i.e. are really on to something with Radio 8.0. It allows you to create your own Weblog, and they will provide you both the software and the hosting for $39.95 per month." Scoble notes: um, Buzz, it's actually only $39.95 per year!

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday, dear Robert. Happy Birthday to me. Yeah, I'm 37. Getting older, wiser, and better, by the minute. Like a fine red wine!

Dan Bricklin: "Visonaries (as a job specification, not as a measure of how forward thinking you are) should explore the mediums they need to have vision about. Radio 8.0 makes a great place to explore for a variety of technologies. That's why I'm trying things." Scoble's note: if you look up "visionary", Dan's picture is there. He wrote the first electronic spreadsheet.

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