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Daily Permalink Thursday, January 10, 2002

Jeremiah Rogers: "Radio Fuckin Rocks."

Shelley Powers: "Quick note to Userland folks -- I'm happy you all rolled out a product, but the hype's beginning to equate to a certain iMac I know. Radio 8.0 is a weblogging tool/personal CMS. And that's cool. It isn't the second coming."

Sam DeVore: "Takes more time to download then it does to get to your first post with Radio UserLand 8.ohhhhhh"

Meryl Evans: "I can now spill my guts and tell you all about radiating Radio eight-dot-oh (R8)! It's everything RAD! Its unique features have increased my weblogging time because they're addicting."

Duncan Smeed: "One of the coolest things about Radio is the ease with which you can select and then tune in to the massive flow of information that is radiated by the web. It is truly an innovative product - and one which exposes its interfaces in an open an transparent way, via the likes of XML-RPC and SOAP."

Doug Kaye: For the past few months I've been using beta releases of Radio as my principal weblog reading and authoring tools. UserLand is about to ship Radio with a single-user price of $39.95. The company made a last-minute decision to call it 8.0 as opposed to 7.1, and there's no question it's a major revision. The product is great. [Blog the Organization]

OK. Send one over here Dave! I can't wait to try out the #upstream.xml stuff. I'd probably be able to update every page on One question: is resubscribing after a year $39.95 too?

[ weblog] Editor's note: yes, resubscribing after a year will cost $39.95. That gets you hosting, all new features during that year, and support.

André Radke released a PostgreSQL DLL and a crypto DLL for Frontier. []

For those of you who don't know what a weblog is, here's a description that friend Joe Rotello just sent me:

web log n. The nominal purpose of Weblogs is to point out links of interest that you, the reader, would not have run across yourself. A variant is the diaristic or daily-journal Weblog.

Radio UserLand 8.0 Tip (Windows version): when in the news aggregator if you want to visit a link you'll lose your place in the news page. So, I hold down the shift key whenever I click a link. That forces the link to open in a new browser window.

Dane Carlson: Get Matt Drudge to use Radio 8.0.

Michael Fraase: Sound salvation: Radio UserLand.

Jim Goodman: "It takes more time to reboot than it does to install the software and start writing. And a reboot isn't even required."

Sam DeVore: "Speed. It doesn't matter where I am it still feels like it is working the same speed."

Steve Hooker: "By the time I actually, loaded the home page here, it took 3 minutes and 40 seconds! From double clicking the installer to getting my first post to the home page and loading it."

Daniel Berliner: "In writing about the new version, I struggled to describe Radio in way that brings you a sense of the delight I experienced when I first fired it up -- of the sheer 1, 2, 3'ness of it."

Robert Scoble: I moved this entry to a story here. It's my first 11 things that I like about Radio UserLand 8.0.

Brent wrote up a description of how Radio 8.0 is a Mac OS X app. Not being a X user myself, I found it quite illuminating. He says "OS X's Services menu allows applications to work together. At this writing, very few shipping Carbon apps support the Services menu. Radio is one of those few." Nice!  [Scripting News]

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