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Daily Permalink Monday, January 14, 2002

Wow, Barry Bonds is coming back to San Francisco. That's great. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I've seen him hit a few home runs out of PacBell park and it's something to behold. I didn't expect to see him come back.

What does this Macro do? This rocks. It parses an RSS feed and puts it in a box on your page.

Lockergnome Newsletter (Chris Pirillo): "Overall, [Radio UserLand is] a great tool - and one worth considering when you start the blogging process."

Alan Reiter: "I have been beta testing (albeit not much) Radio UserLand 8.0 for a little while. Unfortunately, for me, 8.0 is too difficult to customize. I suspect that it will be too difficult for just about anyone who doesn't want to program. That's a shame."

Rob Fahrni: "I thought 7.0 was cool but it wasn't cool enough to pull me away from Blogger. Now that I've seen and used Radio 8 I'm hooked. The switch is under way. Fun, fun, fun. The UI on the new release is so sweet. All browser based, like before, only it's been thoughtfully rearranged from what I can see."

Hey Bob, That Ethernet Thing Rocks! Buzz Bruggeman caught me at Pop!Tech talking with the guy who invented Ethernet. Pretty cool. Hey, we might both live to see the day when 802.11b replaces it. Weird.

Steve Zellers: "The thing I've always liked about Dave's software is that it has good defaults."

Sean B. Palmer has discovered the crucial missing feature in Radio 8. "It's just unacceptable. I want my mug." [Hack the Planet]

Kimbro Staken: "The Radio RSS feed feature is very cool and I'm so happy to have access to RSS news feeds again. I was a big time user of before AOL destroyed it by taking away all the RSS feeds. Never really found a good replacement until now. I loved My Netscape, but Radio does an even better job. With My Netscape you could track maybe 10-15 or so feeds comfortably, with Radio you can probably track a couple hundred depending on how often they update."

tav: "eeek! been playing too long with radio. it is rather addictive. reminds me why i don't blog. it's way too easy to lose yourself. to immerse yourself in the sheer thrill of the constant exploration. and, radio enhances that experience 10 fold. a lot of praise to the userland team for making such a wonderful product!!"

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