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Daily link Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Some quick things before I head to bed: roams.

If you're an MSN Spaces user, check out the Tweak UI PowerToy.

Nasa had its first space podcast.

The Tablet PC team is blogging.

Dean Hachamovitch (head of the IE team) and I are giving a keynote at the Blog Business Summit next week.

Seth Dillingham wrote me and asked for software donations to raise money for charity. Microsoft should kick in something for this (goes to cancer research).

Engadget has videos of a Palm Treo 670 running Windows Mobile software. Dave's iPAQ has more too.

James Proud interviewed me the other day for his blog.

Michael Lehman was called a podcasting "shill" in Wired Magazine and answers that charge back (in text) and in an audio post.

Phillip Torrone shows how to get MSN Filter news (or any RSS) on a SPOT watch.

1:37:50 AM    Mudpit 

One reason I've been slowing down my posting rate lately is because I'm filming a bunch of interviews that'll be turned on at the PDC. Today I interviewed Steve Ball's team. Larry Osterman is on that team. I can't tell you yet what they do. Let's just say it's audio features in Windows. You'll want to watch that video when it comes up.

But, at the end of the interview Steve handed me a bunch of CDs. Turns out he's a musician. Makes sense, really. On the way over to Amazon I listened to a bunch. He's really good! Maybe Microsoft should start a music label for employees.

1:19:17 AM    Mudpit 

I've continued to have amazing experiences thanks to this little blog. Amazon invited me over to meet with their Web Services team tonight. Jeff Barr and a few others (I videoed them, hopefully we'll be able to use that somewhere soon) showed me what they are doing for developers, both on the Web side of the aisle as well as the Visual Studio side.

They trotted out a bunch of inspiring and cool demos, but Amazon's Web Services blog has most of that. Thanks Jeff for showing me around!

1:12:38 AM    Mudpit 

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