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Daily link Monday, August 22, 2005

Joel Spolsky a while back was bragging about his interns. Now it's my turn to show off our interns on a Channel 9 interview.

2:58:53 PM    Mudpit 

Oh, cool, FlashEarth lets you compare Google Maps to MSN's Virtual Earth. This Web Services thing is gonna be big someday, I tell ya!

And for you Tablet PC types, check out the Virtual Earth on Ink! site that Julia Lerman coded. Very cool!

smugMaps combines Google Maps with 32,000,000+ smugmug photos.

2:48:29 PM    Mudpit 

Very busy day today. Am not feeling that well either. Sigh. Too much Silicon Valley fun and now I have a cold.

Anyway, there's a ton of Google news hitting the blogs this morning. InsideGoogle blog: Google Releases Desktop 2.

Joe Wilcox's and Michael Gartenberg's reactions caught my eye. Hey, guys, you gonna be at the PDC? ;-)

Oh, and I do note that Google called its RSS/Atom syndication functionality "Web Clips."

1:58:17 PM    Mudpit 

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