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Daily link Sunday, August 21, 2005

Don McAllister has launched "ScreenCastsOnline." Cool. Subscribed. The 1st proper screencast is a very simple explanation and demonstration of using RSS to automate web surfing. This is aimed at the average joe and not your usual techy geek who gets RSS.

With that, we're jumping on a plane to go back to Seattle. See ya later.

4:34:31 PM    Mudpit 

My book co-author Shel Israel gives his own Steve Jobs story.

1:32:41 PM    Mudpit 

Oleg Dulin wrote the words "I hate Scoble" on his blog. Huh, someone talking to me? Hehe! Anyway, this is serious business. Oleg is having problems with Virtual PC on the Macintosh. I've forwarded this note to Steve Friesen, who runs that team. I also blogged it here.

1:30:47 PM    Mudpit 

Riana Pfefferkorn blogs. She's only 23. I predict she'll be a tech industry executive someday. She's already worked for Google and CNET and is thinking of getting a law degree. I've met a ton of smart young people this week. Very inspiring. I wish I were smart and young. Heck, I wish I were smart OR young! :-)

1:26:14 PM    Mudpit 

What is the MSN Search Maze? Phillip Price just emailed me that photo. London's Regent's Park Website has some details. Webmaster World has a thread on it.

1:12:25 PM    Mudpit 

Tod Maffin reports on locked-out CBC workers who are now launching a competing service.

Does this mark a new day in labor/management negotiations? "Go ahead and lock us out we'll podcast to the world anyway." Hey, if Amanda Congdon and Andy Barron can get 50,000 listeners with Rocketboom, I wonder how far CBC's locked out workers can go?

1:06:34 PM    Mudpit 

Rocketboom was on CBS News the other night (link to Quicktime video). Wow. I love how the clip starts out: "Blogging is so last year..." Amanda goes bigtime. Her dance around Europe, on Rocketboom right now, is funny.

Thanks to Paul Mooney for telling me. I was a bit busy this past week so missed my Rocketboom.

12:55:44 PM    Mudpit 

Dan Farber, ZDnet: Winer's OPML Roadshow rolls into Berkeley.

I've seen Dan several times this week at various events. He does his homework. He's someone I look to to tell me what's important in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

12:49:17 PM    Mudpit 

I missed the Xbox 360 chat with J Allard. Bummer. Larry promises transcripts.

12:46:17 PM    Mudpit 

A few people have been pointing out, since I wrote about Pandora yesterday, that does something similar and is already out. Very true!

But, it's different. First of all, the interface isn't even close. Pandora has a Flash-based interface that is much richer. Second of all, Pandora's ratings come from professional musicians who listened to hundreds of thousands of songs and categorized them (took years).'s ratings come from listeners listening and buying behaviors. I'm sorry if I'm mischaracterizing either of them and will correct in future posts if I have.

But, when a new shoe store moves to town, do you automatically say "Nordstroms was here first so the new one sucks?" I don't. I look to see if the new thing has any value over and above the old thing. It's very possible I'll use both of these systems now that I'm aware of both.

That takes me to another thing I've been thinking about lately. The Internet citizens often like tearing someone or something down rather than propping up stuff. I have done that in the past and I'm sorry about doing it.

Since I've met hundreds of people in the past week I find I like hanging around people who don't tear down things, but rather find ways to say nice things about both the old and the new.

Pandora is definitely the talk of the Barcamp, though, and was the talk of the midnight dinner last night. It's definitely something to try out and see if it adds value to your life. It's very possible it won't. Steve Gillmor, for instance, last night, was very skeptical. Ahh, what would an evangelist's job be without skeptics? Boring, that's what.

12:40:39 PM    Mudpit 

Time Magazine in Europe: Let RSS Go Fetch.

12:30:45 PM    Mudpit 

James Robertson: Be careful how you advertise.

That links to a post by Phil Ringalda which points out that is doing a form of spam advertising.

It's causing a minor ruckus this weekend and is going up the list of most linked to posts.

12:24:30 PM    Mudpit 

I just visited Technorati's home page and both Barcamp and Foocamp are on most popular searches right now. While clicking through the Foocamp reports (fellow Channel 9'er Beth Goza is there) I saw that Joi Ito said that Susan Crawford has his favorite Foocamp reports.

Foocamp tags on Technorati: Foo Camp and foocamp. Tagging really works great for events like these.

11:17:09 AM    Mudpit 

Mike Arrington, of Tech Crunch, is reporting from Bar Camp. He's quickly going up my list of my favorite tech blogs. He was one of the few people who went to both Bar Camp and the OPML Roadshow.

11:13:17 AM    Mudpit 

Scott Beale has a bunch of Barcamp photos here.

There's currently 758 photos tagged with "Barcamp" over on Flickr. Geeks love taking photos, that's for sure!

11:08:38 AM    Mudpit 

I'm gonna try to get over to Barcamp a little later before heading back to Seattle. Gotta do some real work and get some videos up on Channel 9.

Anyway, yesterday Ross Mayfield gave me a tour of Wikiwyg. Barcamp is being held in his company's offices. I like Ross a lot. Why? Cause he gives back to the community. Silicon Valley could use more guys like him.

Anyway, back to this Wikiwyg thing. He gave me a demo. Wiki's are getting easier. There's something happening in this space that geeks should pay attention to. He showed me how anyone can edit a Wiki now without needing to know weird "Wiki syntax" (or should that be "WikiSyntax," hehe!) He also told me how Open Source is letting entrepreneurs like him scale out their development process. Dave Winer made a point of that last night too. Said that now the users and developers get to help each other out. Want a feature? Convince a developer to do it.

Anyway, Ross covers Wikiwyg on his blog. Thanks again Ross for being a gracious host.

11:03:00 AM    Mudpit 

You know, I can't remember ever seeing a Microsoft C-level executive at a non-Microsoft Silicon Valley geek event that's open to the public until last night when Ray Ozzie, Microsoft CTO, showed up at the OPML Roadshow (which was open to the public and had lots of geeks in the audience). Ray Ozzie, I hope you get that to change. Yeah, we hold lots of open to the public events on our Silicon Valley campus, but that's not the same. It's quite different if you go off campus and meet geeks that are building stuff.

I think if they were here they'd make some relationships, see some cool technology and hear where the market is going. Maybe even buy some new companies (or make some investments).

Next year we should sponsor Barcamp, and a few other events like it. It's been a remarkable week.

10:54:05 AM    Mudpit 

Tom, I saw your post about the Mudpit.

How did I find that? I went to and entered the URL of the Mudpit post and found your post.

Your post is also in Technorati and other blog search engines. You've added more value to the world than leaving that comment in the Mudpit.

10:38:16 AM    Mudpit 

Note to Mike Arrington, who is impressed by Dave Winer's OPML Editor: I was impressed with Dave Winer last night too. So was Ray Ozzie, one of Microsoft's CTO's (he developed Lotus Notes, and founded Groove)

Several people asked Ray afterward what he thought. He told me that he was impressed but would need to use it to totally judge its usefulness but that he was most impressed with the OPML Roadshow.

10:13:47 AM    Mudpit 

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