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Daily link Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Busy day today. Five interviews. Whew. I'm way behind on email. But it's PDC crunch time. I'm more excited about Microsoft than I have been in a long time. Going to Silicon Valley really turned my crank. Got me going. Steve Gillmor has a little bet with us that Pandora won't succeed. Hey, Steve, I'm still listening! And it still is cool.

Anyway, remember the Virtual PC for Macintosh problem that Oleg was having? Well, I got a nice note from a program manager on that team and passed it along to Oleg. Turns out the team is seeing some intermittent problems and is working with Apple on the fix and needs more information from Oleg. Some people jumped on me for doing that in the mudpit and said "send him to tech support." Sorry, I won't do that. When a customer is having pain you take care of the customer then and there. You worry about process later. I've sent one email in the past year to the Virtual PC/Macintosh team. This one, I sensed, was important to go directly to the team with.

Jeff Jarvis reports that Dell has even changed its tune here as well.

See, something has changed over the past five years. The customers are in charge now. Blogs can go from obscurity to the front page of the New York Times in 48 hours or less. So, help the customers. Or you'll be helped out the door.

Other news today? NewsGator (the RSS aggregator I use) now has an online API. Hmmm, developers, developers, developers!!

Have a good day, I'm off with my camcorder.

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