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Daily link Friday, August 26, 2005

Remember the Big Beer Ad? Well, some guys over at Studiomuscle did a cute little parody called "Small Beer Ad."

And with that it must be time for the weekend.

6:54:04 PM    Mudpit 

Do you want to write a Windows Vista book? I know of a book publisher (not Wiley) that is looking for Windows Vista authors. If interested, just leave a note and how to get ahold of you here.

6:51:07 PM    Mudpit 

Now you can subscribe to with RSS thanks to Spanning Salesforce 2.0.

6:49:56 PM    Mudpit 

Lora, over on What is New points to Intel's discussion of what they thing mobile PCs will look like in the future.

6:48:37 PM    Mudpit 

While I was taking the week off, I missed Windows 95's birthday. Joe Wilcox didn't, though, and asked "where's the hoopla?" Give us three weeks, Joe, and we'll see ya at the PDC.

I wonder if I still have my Windows 95 gold disk somewhere? Hmm, probably down in the garage along with my other nicknacks from the 90s.

6:39:32 PM    Mudpit 

Adobe Blogger John Nack: The Killing's Gotta Stop.

Has anyone else had enough of these "Microsoft Acrylic is the [Photoshop/Flash/Illustrator/FreeHand/Fireworks/etc.] Killer!" articles?

I agree with John. Personally, taking over Adobe's market just isn't gonna happen -- at least not near term and not without Adobe stumbling badly (InDesign took over from a company, Quark, that forgot about customer service). But journalists and bloggers love to report on conflict. So, expect more "killers" ahead!

Update: sorry for not linking to John's blog originally.

6:25:32 PM    Mudpit 

Nice to see the Seattle Bloggers featured in the local newspaper (Seattle PI).

6:07:41 PM    Mudpit 

I'm looking for an FM transmitter for my cell phone so that I can listen to podcasts on my car stereo, so this Fall 2005 MF Transmitter Shootout will come in handy.

6:03:28 PM    Mudpit 

MSN is trying out a new look and feel on -- not sure this one was supposed to get noticed. Someone posted it over on Channel 9. Demonstrates that you can't play around in public without someone noticing.

5:44:51 PM    Mudpit 

Interesting, Dave Taylor is reporting that Aaron Wall is getting sued over comments left in his comments. Yet another reason to moderate your comments and/or turn them off.

5:38:01 PM    Mudpit 

Dare Obasanjo: Yestertday in Instant Messenger News (actually the day he was talking about was Tuesday) but MSN and Google were going at it again with dual product announcements. I see that Joe Beda helped out on the Google Talk team and is coming to the PDC. Ahh, so that's what they were doing in the Kirkland office...

5:34:10 PM    Mudpit 

This is hillarious. Over on Channel 9 there's an customer who is an artist, Jamie, who draws these parodies of South Park. Here's his latest: GooglePark: Scoble goes to Google.

5:21:24 PM    Mudpit 

My coworker Michael Lehman is interviewed by John Furrier on his podcast. Michael is doing podcasts on Channel 9, among other places.

1:39:09 PM    Mudpit 

Took much of the week off of blogging. I've just been sick. Not fun. I'm coming out of it, though. Well, that and I have been overloaded with videos for the PDC. Oh, and Adam and Charles have been busy on a redesign of Channel 9. That turned on last night. Check it out. Ahh, that RSS and tagging stuff is gonna be big someday I tell ya!

12:52:57 PM    Mudpit 

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