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Daily link Friday, August 12, 2005

BL is reporting a rumor that Technorati will soon be sold. I have an email into Dave Sifry to see if there's any truth to that (although if there is, he probably wouldn't be able to say anything).

Well, no one gave me the permission (or the access to the cash) to buy Technorati, so your guess is as good as mine.

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Some quick hits:

Silicon Valley Sleuth: Digg the Slashdot killer. Digg is cool. Yet another tool that brings me cool stuff.

I missed that Adam Curry's PodShow received $8.85 million in venture backing. Whew, is the money flowing in podcasting this week?

But, Adam, I really have to call you on something. I bought a Sirius radio specifically to listen to your show. After six weeks of listening I gotta say your show sucks. I'm not listening anymore. Here's why: you're competing with Bloomberg and all the other channels. They have better content.

Hear me out. Your show on Sirius rarely has you on. In fact, I keep hoping to hear the Adam Curry show. Instead you just have random podcasters on. That's not what I want. I want to hear Adam Curry. I want to hear YOU tell me what's cool and happening NOW on the podcastosphere.

Instead I'm bored to tears. MSN Filter is more interesting and that's saying something.

I talk more about this in my own podcast tonight with Broback and Bruggeman.

Jon Udell, in Infoworld, wants me to convert the videos on Channel 9 to MP3's. That's definitely on our feature list. He shows you how to do it, but he's right, he shouldn't have to do it.

Ross Mayfield responds to my MSN Filter response. But, now I understand why he's getting mad. Today I met with Adam, who runs MSN Filter. He claims he's never used the word "wiki" in talking with the press. He says that Microsoft Watch added that to their report, which created a misunderstanding. It's five bloggers doing a blog each. Nothing more.

Is that competing against other MSN Spaces users? Yes, I guess you could look at it that way. But, then, I'm competing against them too. It's only five blogs. There are more than 18 million MSN Spaces, I'm told.

There is a debate going on about a new blog survey, by Comscore, that was released this week (the survey is interesting to study, because it shows that blog readers are highly affluent and educated. Translation: an audience companies want to reach. Fred has the details on A VC and BlogHerald has more on the cat fight between Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis.

Nick Davis has a way to add site-specific-search directly to your IE address bar. Similar to YubNub, another popular way to do that.

John Battelle is tracking search engine index size (Yahoo just upped theirs this week and is claiming to be tracking more sites than Google or MSN). Boing Boing has Google's response.

Jack Dahlgren is working on a blogging policy for Intel. Does that mean we'll see more Intel blogs soon? Can't wait to see those!

There's a major Indian movie star, Aamir Khan, is blogging on MSN Spaces. Sriram Krishnan has the details.

Chicago Crime is another fun use of the Google Maps APIs.

I just got an email from O'Reilly. The call for participation for next year's Emerging Technology conference is now open.

Michael Lehman says that a Microsoft employee music label would be a good idea. He has a bunch of music he's recorded, including a fun podcasting song. Good stuff too! He also records the Manic Minute, a podcast about software, podcasting and other stuff (all in one minute chunks).

ZDNet UK has a humorous response to Google's PR ban of CNET

Podnova is a directory of podcasts and more.

Project FAZR is a self-organizing ISV made up of seven .NET developers. It'll be interesting to see if they come up with anything.

Leah, who works on the MSN Messenger team, has a blog on MSN Spaces.

Google's search engine now supports wildcard searches.

Make Propoganda is the coolest podcasting tool I've seen yet. Wow. This gives you a lot of control of audio files and a neat interface to impress your friends with. Far more than I need, but way better than Adam Curry's software or what I've seen from Evan Williams so far. But, he didn't get the $16+ million, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

But, here's why the $16 million went elsewhere: this site sucks. NO DEMOS!!! Where are the demos? Give me a video of what your experience looks like BEFORE you make me download. I hate downloading stuff that I have no idea how good it is. Compare this to Cast Blaster. Notice the video link? That's HUGE.

That said, thanks to Peter McKiernan. He gave me a demo of Make Propoganda and I was floored. Way more advanced and cooler than other podcasting tools I've seen.

Eric Norlin wrote an open letter to Bill Gates telling him to get Microsoft's identity act together. Ahh, that's Kim Cameron's job and he blogs over on Identity Blog.

Richard Macmanus is noticing that everyone is trying to name RSS feeds something different. He also links to Mike Torres of MSN Spaces team, who explains why we like the term "Web Feeds" better. Me? I'm an RSS guy. I think humans can learn new terms. Heck, before 1990, who knew what a CD was? Before 2000, who knew what a DVD was? Did we try to dumb down those terms?

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Have a good one!

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