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Daily link Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I was interviewed for IT Conversations by Rob Greenlee. He's been doing Internet radio since before 2000.

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Looks like Google is going after the mobile space. Smart.

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Tim O'Reilly, over on comments on Om Malik's blog, and reinforced on his own blog, asked why those who are disappointed with not being invited didn't just call him up. For the record, I'm not disappointed. I am jealous. That's a different emotion. ;-)

But, I didn't call Tim up and beg to be let in because last year when I was at Foocamp I talked with Tim and he told me the quality of people he had to turn away from the camp. I felt I had had my chance (I had attended twice). For me to call up and beg to be let in would be selfish. I'd far prefer that someone else had a chance at it, particularly someone who actually worked on a product team here. I recommended Chandu Thota to Tim earlier in the year for the camp. Chandu is a geek and is doing stuff both for free and for profit around mapping. I'm glad that Chandu is going. I'll live vicariously through him.

I wonder, though, if Tim could figure out how to scale out the Foocamp experience. One idea left over on his blog is to have simultaneous camps. The thing is Foocamp is special because of who is there. Let's put it this way. I was dragging down the IQ scale there. I didn't deserve to be there. At lunch last year I was sitting with people who had changed the world and built companies or movements (or who were about to).

The year before that I was sitting with Yossi Vardi, the guy who funded ICQ, and the two guys who started Google, Linda Stone (former Apple/Microsoft exec), Tim O'Reilly, and some other people I've forgotten now. The entire weekend was like that. I was always the odd guy out. I felt like I won the lottery. I had.

Now it's time for someone else to win. One thing Tim's foocamp taught me, though, was you can create your own fun event. He empowered me. So, I'm going to barcamp this weekend and will have just as good a time. After that, I'll go to Dave Winer's OPML road trip and have a great time.

Tim O'Reilly taught me to live the Foocamp life and for that I will forever be grateful.

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My Silicon Valley tour continues. I met with Mark Jen at Plaxo this morning (he's the blogger who was fired from Google -- now he works a short distance from Google's headquarters at Plaxo). He introduced me to the Plaxo team. Fun team and working on some interesting stuff that I'm not sure I'm allowed to share yet. It's interesting to see the different working styles at different companies. At Plaxo most of the team shares a single room. Most people have double monitors (ahh, they got the memo that that increases productivity). They say that working this style keeps email down and increases their ability to work together. Technorati and Google have the same working style.

What did I say when I saw Mark? Something like "congratulations, you haven't been fired yet." I'm such a joker. But, on his side, he has done a good job at Plaxo and has helped me out and I appreciate that.

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