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Daily link Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ponzi, you're the best. But I hate your font. ;-) Oh, I never have linked to you? I could have sworn I linked to you. Hmmm.

For the rest of you who don't know who Ponzi is, she's Chris Pirillo's significant other. Since I didn't link to Ponzi before, I'm not gonna link to Chris now. Heh.

Like we can't find Ponzi anyway. She's the #4 Ponzi on Google and the #3 on MSN Search. Of course, Chris is the #1 Chris on both engines.

"I will say this, you can't know Robert until you get to know Maryam, his wife, then you will see the true Robert."

Maryam is the best. She has let me geek out all week long without bothering me in the slightest. Does life get any better than that?

3:02:25 AM    Mudpit 

Foocamp, for its first two years, had some cool toys (and since Phillip Torrone is going, I expect this year's event will have even more cool gadgets). I had my first Segway ride at the first one. I saw robots. Bikes with lights. A Prius that got taken apart. And gadget after gadget. My son taught Tim O'Reilly's wife how to play various Xbox games last year, for instance.

Tonight I rode in the ultimate toy. Ajay Juneja's car.

How cool is it? Well, I agreed to a non-disclosure to ride in it. He took me to Niall's San Francisco geek dinner tonight in it. The ultimate pre-VC demo (he's looking for funding, so if you're a VC he's certainly interested in giving you a test ride, er, talk). My reaction? Wow. Hey, JP, you think your car is cool? Wait til you see Ajay's. He even had it lowered and put a state-of-the-art alarm system on it (he can start the car without even touching it -- Knight Rider anyone?)

He's a Carnegie Mellon computer science graduate. So, smart guy.

He's founder and chief architect of DigaMe Software.

What do they do? Well, Ajay asked me not to talk about it yet. His technology won't be hitting the market until 2007 (and isn't limited to just cars).

Here's what I can tell you. His car had an array microphone. And a computer running XP along with his software on it. You talk to it. You can guess the rest.

Want in on the secret? Be at BarCamp. I've convinced him to bring his car on Saturday. Just be prepared to agree not to blog about it.

Yet another "only in Silicon Valley" experience.

Don't be surprised if his car shows up in Wired or Make Magazine.

2:12:49 AM    Mudpit 

Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service, talked with me today. She's the one who wrote that article that I disputed the other day that ran in ComputerWorld.

I note that InfoWorld calls them "RSS Feeds" but ComputerWorld calls them "XML Feeds."

Being consistent is such a hard thing.

1:23:25 AM    Mudpit 

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