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Daily link Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Tablet PC Weblog is reporting that Toshiba/Nvidia is testing drivers for Windows Vista for its Tablet PCs. Yeah! I've been seeing more and more Tablets on campus running Vista.

By the way, the other day I said you need a "beefy" video card to run all of Windows Vista's effects. Pablo Fernicola (he is one of the guys who runs the Avalon team) asked me what I meant by that and pointed out that ATIís X300 is only about $70 at Amazon and supports all of Windows Vista's beta 1 stuff.

I just continue to be amazed by the price curves in this industry. I remember buying a video card a few years ago that had fewer capabilities for almost $500.

Translation: yesterday's "beefy" card is pretty low cost today and will be included in most systems within a year. This industry is just amazing. Talking with Marc McDonald on Friday about what it was like to program back in the late 1970s just underscores how amazing this industry is and how fast it changes.

Speaking of Tablet PC blogs, I didn't realize there was a Tablet PC blog specifically for the nursing/healthcare industry.

Nvidia, by the way, has a list of all their video cards that support Windows Vista.

11:25:38 PM    Mudpit 

We're in Silicon Valley. Staying at a Sheraton about a block from AMD's headquarters. I can feel the 64-bit processor goodness radiating here (Intel's headquarters are also a mile or two away). Heh. I haven't lived in Silicon Valley for two years but have already noticed some changes. Traffic is back. Whew. And the wealth of this area continues unabated. I've seen more expensive cars in the past few hours than I'd see in a week back home (and Redmond/Seattle has lots of wealth too). Lots of building is going on too. The San Jose airport's road system is a mess. You can feel that this area is economically hopping again.

Anyway, I'd love to meetup this week. Anything fun?

Shhh, don't start any rumors, but I'll be at Google on Tuesday. If you see me in the cafeteria, say hi! Can't wait to hang out with my friends who work at Google.

I'll be at Microsoft's Silicon Valley offices on Monday-Wednesday, then at the Blog Business Summit on Thursday and Friday in downtown San Francisco.

11:03:32 PM    Mudpit 

Hey, Dave Winer, watch this video (and read the T-shirt): Longhorn (hearts) RSS. Note that the RSS team's t-shirts at Microsoft don't say "Windows Vista (hearts) Web feeds."

For the rest of you Dave has been noticing that Microsoft (and others, to tell the truth) have been trying to get rid of RSS and change the name for RSS subscription feeds to something like "Web Feed."

By the way, Dave, look at the branding you're using on your own blog. You're using an Orange XML icon to link to your RSS feed. Isn't that confusing for new people? If someone told me "subscribe to Dave's RSS feed" I'd be totally confused. Where is the RSS? Why can't we get consistent branding? It's that inconsistency that's giving the "Web feed" people power.

If we want it called RSS, it should be called RSS everywhere.

Also, Dave, if you have a problem with RSS's branding, you should go after news aggregators that are shipping. I've seen RSS feeds called everything from news feeds to web feeds to feeds to RSS feeds and don't even get me started on the blogs that have five links to various flavors of feeds like RSS .92, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom. It's enough to confuse even an advanced user.

Also, what you're seeing is the result of user testing. You know at Microsoft we have a few of those labs where we watch everyday users try to use their computers. It's quite possible that more people had success subscribing to an RSS feed when we used the words "web feeds" than XML or RSS icons. I'll be hanging out with the guy who runs the IE team this week, I'll ask him about all this.

Ed Bott has more on this: What's in a name?

Mike Torres, of MSN Spaces team, writes: More on Microsoft and RSS.

Richard MacManus does some more research on the RSS or Feeds question.

10:55:21 PM    Mudpit 

Fun day yesterday. Was on the Gillmor Gang, then went off to interview Marc McDonald. Don't know who he is? He's one of the first 11 Microsoft employees and went to high school with Bill Gates. Left Microsoft in 1984 because it was "too big" but came back in 2000 when Microsoft bought his company. Real nice guy, and whip smart. I couldn't keep up mentally. He told me about playing Go and Bridge with BillG in high school (says Bill used to regularly beat him) and also told me that the entire dev team used to live in a single apartment and that they ate way too many meals at Dennys in the early days. Heh.

He's the guy with the beard/glasses/red shirt in the second row of the photo of the first 11 employees.

He's now an engineer working on Windows Vista.

In the meantime while I get that video up, you can see an interview I did with the CIO of Overlake Hospital.

12:57:53 AM    Mudpit 

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