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Sunday, January 6, 2002

Jeroen Soer directeur Radio TV West DEN HAAG. (, (6/1/2002 08:12)) Jeroen Soer (45) wordt per 1 januari algemeen directeur van Radio en TV West in Rijswijk/Den Haag. De omroep heeft dat vrijdag laten weten. Soer volgt Ben Bunders op die het afgelopen jaar tijdelijk de leiding over het regionale mediabedrijf had. "Ik krijg de mooiste baan die er in de publieke omroep te vergeven is", aldus Soer in een reactie. [Media]
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Sue Grafton. "It never pays to deal with the flyweights of the world. They take far too much pleasure in thwarting you at every turn." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
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Number one on Daypop Top 40. Gotta post a headline like this: "Firefighters Retrieve Man's Frozen Penis"
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Bush: 'Over my dead body'. President Bush entered the heated election-year war of words over the recession, telling California workers Saturday that Democrats who criticize his tax cuts are tax-raisers in disguise. With a shout, he declared: "Not over my dead body will they raise your taxes!" Not posting this because I don't believe, just want it on record.
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The web truly is a beautiful place. A few months ago I came in contact with Marcus Mauller who came to my aid when I was having some fabulous problems with either my Frontier server or something that was above my wannabee head. Marcus popped into my life just as I was starting to grok development in frontier.

We got to chatting about how much time I in particular spend in front of my own weblog, 'cause it's got lots of info on it that I use, such as my updated BlogRolling links. I've always felt it a shame I store my future calendar [blog] entries on yahoo's calendar when it could be so nicely integrated.

Marcus is a busy developer, so we took our time and over the course of a few months a thing of beauty is emerging. Click on the calendar link on the right under the History Link.

Public, Private, Group entries and subscribable through RSS! Absolutely killer! Now my appoinments will flow into Radio UserLand. Let us know what you think!
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Youth Crashes Plane Into Skyscraper.
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Even if you hate flash, Liquid generation's Mystery of Britney Spears' Breasts is hillarious.

i cam across the link via Paul Katcher,/a>. I wish he had an "xml.gif" feed!
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Congrats to Wes on winning the Technology Weblog of 2001 Award. Looks like everyone either stayed up late or got up early (like me) to catch the announcement.
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IBM: "The present invention is an apparatus, system, and method for providing reservations for restroom use." [Scripting News]
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I'm glad I didn't look at Greg's About page before we started our thread, because I might have mistaken it as corporate marketing dribble. I certainly set mysef up for a flame with my response but he took the high road. Thanks.

I'd like to know what BlackBoard is, and what it's function is within
[1] A school
[2] A classroom

Another helpful item to understand would be the definition of a "scalable, enterprise class e-learning platform". How does it work, how do you interface with it?

I'm serious about understanding this. I may not [yet] have the right business model for "SchoolBlogs", but I can certainly see a promising one in providing blogging capabilities to the BB install base.

As a fledgling developer I love such a challenge, but I doubt I'll have the time and patience to learn the BB API. I'm finally understanding XML-RPC [SOAP is waaaay over my head]. Wouldn't it make sense for BB to make it's API compatible with one of these? SOAP would make your software 'compatible' with .NET as well, which would seem appropriate with Microsft as one of your shareholders.

I see that BB does support several standards and was delighted to see RSS listed for 'Portal module Interoperability'. "Yeah!" I thought, "That's one I know!!" Unfortunately that's the only one on the list that doesn't link anywhere. Hmm, did your employer receive a letter perhaps?
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