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Monday, March 4, 2002

The story of Flash as told by its inventor Jonathan Gay. Unedited.$4
3:19:11 PM

Nice review of the new iMac. Apple gets a nice plug for its iApps:

But the iMac and Apple's software have a design elegance that's missing from the Windows world.

But, with all the attention on Apple's software, there's no room to talk about the elegance of the Mac's 3rd party software. (That's a bug!)
2:17:53 PM     

Flash MX launched today. Check out this visual walkthrough:

Note the developers > component section where they show a full compliment of user-interface elements.

This is a very credible threat to Mac OS X as the primary audience for this is graphic designers and scripters. It will be interesting to see how Apple responds. Remember, as an organization, Apple doesn't understand the web as deeply as Macromedia does.

(Had I gotten the WebObjects product management job in late 2000, I would have made acquiring the Report Mill technology/team a priority.)
10:28:41 AM     

Intersting story on the venture capital business:

Limited partners have grown impatient over both poor performance and high management fees. Perhaps more significant, many limited partners now say venture capital firms are sitting on far more capital than they can invest profitably. With the air out of technology valuations and no fashionable investment themes, the industry has $75 billion of uninvested capital, according to Venture Economics, a unit of Thomson Financial that tracks venture capital data. That amount easily exceeds total venture investment from 1990 to 1998.
9:10:56 AM     

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