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Sunday, March 10, 2002

I moved this weekend. It's been extremely therapeutic. I left a piece of my heart in the Adams Morgan District of DC. If I were still single, I probably could have spent another five happy years there.
11:34:16 PM     

I have no fear of the future of software. I want nothing but to contribute to a portion of it. And, pass on what I learn in the course of doing so to the next generation of those who've chosen to practice the art.
11:25:31 PM     

My mind is racing at 11 PM (EST) about what constitutes leadership. I'm trying to puzzle out the connection between leadership and creativity. To me, you have to be creative to lead--to do new things. Why then do so many of our supposed leaders seem to lack creativity.

11:23:54 PM     

Some people read books from people like the dude on Oprah for inspiration. I read old DaveNets!

He showed us how foolish our search for the elegant leader has been and continues to be.
11:18:03 PM     

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