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Friday, May 3, 2002
And with enough packet filters...
Hey McGee, I'll bet if we were able to filter all of the Pr0n, Anna K and Britney fakes, that unfortunate photo of Christie Kerr puckering up with her golf tournament trophy, all the specious email virus warnings, plus the Ever-crack and illegal mp3 and warez traffic, we oughta be able to reduce the data flow down to a medium-sized vegan cookbook per hour...
55 petabytes! Thats over 56,000 terabytes. To put that in perspective, the Library of Congress is estimated to be about 35 terabyte of data. That means the LOC moves across the net about twice an hour.
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Can you see the pattern emerging?

And this year, the static server needed to be de-wormed.

Last year on this day: Lessons from a hard disk crash.

I predict there's gonna be a helluva lotta back-up activity in the UserLand area during the last week of April 2003...

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Put On Your Sailin' Shoes...

If you're a Little Feat fan, than this should perk your ears up, and make you mouse finger itchy...

Poetry & Soul is an academic website (no really, keep reading) that explores the connections between poetry and song lyrics. It doesn't look like a typical academic site (DHTML style navigation, for instance), and it features information from journals of the keyboardist for Little Feat, Bill Payne, who has a most impressive discography. The following blurb is from the Chronicle, but don't let it scare you away from visiting this site.

The heart of Poetry & Soul is an examination of Mr. Payne's writing in three of his band's most popular songs: "Under the Radar," "Eden's Wall," and "Borderline Blues." Mr. Payne recounts his inspiration and influences for each song; his reflections are accompanied by pages of his journals, which offer visitors a firsthand glimpse at the evolution of his lyrics. The site includes audio recordings of each song as it appears on vinyl and also as it was performed by Mr. Payne at a lecture he delivered on the university's campus in 1996.

Bill also mentions some of his other keyboard tools (e.g., his beloved SE 30)...

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