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Thursday, May 9, 2002
The more that things change, ...
Matt Haughey commenting on the recent outing of the MacroMedia bloggers:

Meg's points all ring true because Macromedia is in effect saying: "You guys can take advantage of that blog trend thing so we look good, but don't say anything except the company line, and do it outside of work."

which isn't exactly what blogging is all about (on the bright side, it seems like a few choices were made by accident and they are learning).

I think there's a whole lot of learning going on, and I hope that MMlegal allows this 'experiment' to continue, in spite of them occasionally, uh, flashing (sorry, couldn't resist that one, either) something other than the official party line.

John was a most valuable source of information (and humor) when I was on the FreeHand mailing list, and he managed to walk that razor's edge of being a most welcome messenger (with insider info) and knowing where his bread is buttered. His mantras about software cracks and licensing continue on his blog, as I expect they would/should. I wish him continued freedom to find his own blog voice. It does take time to do that, and now that they have been outed, the time they have remaining may not allow it.

And that would suck.

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The man behind The Game After the Game

Roger Greenaway has created an amazingly dense site related to encouraging active review (reflection, as it's known in Education circles on this side of the pond), and you can subscribe to his free monthly newsletter. Here are a couple issues of it from his archives which might be useful for folks attempting to bootstrap some KM methods.

These are not precisely targeted at this task, so you'll have to make some effort to adapt his offerings, but I think he takes you more than part way there...

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Man, I can't sneak anything past you folks...

Joe Jenett calls me on the 'ironic' juxtaposition (heh) of my blog entries last night. Sometimes, the blog-gods just smile, Joe...

I wonder if Johnny-boy will want drapes placed over that Brazzil post, since it appears over the other post about his new spin-doctoring?

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