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Tuesday, May 14, 2002
On to Savannah

We all packed up for a day trip to Savannah. The drive went quickly, and we found parking about a block away from our first destination: Mrs. Wilke's place. A boarding house style dining experience. You and a group of folks wait outside on the sidewalk. No reservations taken. After enough happy and full folks leave, you get to enter. The food is already waiting at the table. There is not much spare room on the tabletop. Or in your belly after the meal. You are seated at a table that holds about ten people, and you get to meet new people who quickly become friendly. You spend the next few minutes madly passing bowls of food around, heaping it on your plate, and scanning the tabletop for something that you may not already have on your plate.

Traditional southern food. Rice and gravy, black-eyed peas, snap beans, beef stew, fried chicken, collard greens (mmmmm, salty and with big chunks of ham), pickled beets, creamed corn, and a batch of other stuff, too. And really really good cornbread. Lots of happy grunting from around the table, and eventually some light chatter as favorites get discussed and seconds are passed around. Sweet tea, too, of course, in a large pitcher.

Dessert was banana pudding. It was brought out on a tray, and we were instructed to pass the tray around the table. Of the bowls of banana pudding that made it onto the table, there were no survivors, and most bowls were rather well polished. Then we had to buss our own plates, silverware and glasses to the kitchen, before leaving.

It was an interesting dining experience, and I'd be interested in visiting again, to see what breakfast would be like there.

Then we hopped on the shuttle bus and after an exciting ride, and hopped off at the riverfront, where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

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