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Friday, May 10, 2002
Planned (this time) blog break for moi

Unlike the unplanned break during mid-March, I'm intending to take a break for a little while, and concentrate on some other things. Don't worry, I'll be back. I'll see both of my regular readers in a week or so.

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When is exposure a bad thing?

JohnD runs into a common problem when you are first starting out, particularly if you are 'outed' before you wanted to go public and have found your own blogvoice. When does the me begin and the cow-orker end? For knowledge workers, the membrane between the two can be very porous. Once people find out who you are, where you work, and so on, some people have a hard time allowing the two to exist seperately. Some will refuse to, regardless of your own stance.

Is work site, or personal site?: I don't know... the two are blended together pretty closely for me. We'll have to figure out the balance, particularly after the WIRED article changes the audience.

Organizations that want to take full advantage blogging, and gain the extra exposure and goodwill that can accrue, will also have to keep the control freaks in check and allow individuals to say things differently than the MarCom folks might prefer.

Perhaps they just haven't let go of the notion of absolute control over information, and comfort of the active producer-passive consumer model of restricted communication. Information flows quickly in blogspace and can be just as quickly neglected in the torrential data flood. Sure, search engines capture things that many would wish was never Net'd (an ego-search Google Groups if you ever posted to a Usenet group, for instance), and can be used to ressurect past ghosts. But many folks also realize that any news coverage can be good coverage -- provided you haven't pulled an Enron, that is.

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