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daily link  Monday, March 18, 2002

A picture named 1140.jpgDamn it, I'm sore from digging out my mailbox! It's true. I'm a big pile of aching muscles and blisters. My trusty snow shovel and I moved about 1300 cubic feet of snow yesterday. At 10 pounds per cubic foot, that's 6.5 tons of snow (Holy Shit! 6.5 tons of snow!).

The finale of my one-man snow removal operation was excavating my mailbox. Every time I'd toss a shovel full of snow over the growing berm, half the payload of unwelcome snowflakes would roll back down and happily deposit themselves at my feet.

I finally got them all, but apparently it was all for naught, as the article below indicates.

Snowstorm challenges post office motto "The old post office motto about neither rain nor snow can keep them from their appointed rounds, but apparently that's not altogether true when it comes to snow. The Anchorage post office said a bulk of its deliveries didn't make it to mailboxes.   9:43:44 PM  permalink     

Jason has a fantastic story to share: My Incredible Day  9:25:50 PM  permalink     

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things: "...What would be even cooler would be a script that randomly dumps 5GB out of your library onto your iPod at every sync, overwriting the previous contents -- I hate having to triage my collection to choose which stuff I'm going to take with me; I'm willing to yeild to serendipity"

This is a fantastic idea, and my new weekend project.  8:14:27 PM  permalink     

Iacocca assails Schrempp. Former Chrysler chairman almost rejoined troubled automaker. [USA Today : Front Page]

The story's not that interesting--I just like the headline.  8:10:47 PM  permalink     

From the Why-Gray-Davis-Isn't-Getting-Reelected Department > News > Q&A: Governor of California Gray Davis: "I kept the lights on. And this sounds a little presumptuous, but I think I should at least get a round of applause. I don't get squat. People just roundly criticize me..."

People like a little bit of humility in their leaders, Gray; that, and common sense.  7:14:56 PM  permalink     

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