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Thursday, January 02, 2003

predictions. Salon's top 10 technology and business predictions for 2003. [JD's New Media Musings]
Lots of good stuff here. The AAA one is one I've been thinking about for a time.
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Digital Camera "QuickStart" for the New Year. Here are 6 tips to help you become fast friends with your new digital camera, or to turn a new leaf with your existing mate. [SOURCE: MacDevCenter] - Some excellent tips! The most important is to take pictures! If you don't take lots of pictures, you won't improve. [Roland Tanglao's Weblog]
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What the Future Holds for Microsoft. 2002 was certainly an eventful year for Microsoft. With a new year dawning, we present this interview with Adam Barr, former Microsoft developer and occasional Microsoft pundit. The interview was conducted by Adam Barr, former Microsoft developer and occasional Microsoft pundit. []
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Bush's Year of U.S. Surveillance. The Bush administration's efforts in 2002 to poke into the private lives of American citizens prompt one privacy advocate to draw comparisons to Sauron, the all-seeing dark wizard in The Lord of the Rings. By Noah Shachtman. [Wired News]
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Government Openness at Issue as Bush Holds Onto Records. The Bush administration has exhibited a penchant for secrecy that has been striking to historians, legal experts and lawmakers of both parties. By Adam Clymer. [New York Times: Politics]

Read the item above this: they believe we shouldn't have secrets from them, but they should have secrets from us! Now shouldn't it really be the other way around? That individuals should have privacy but that the workings of the government should be in the open? What could be more conservative than that? But of course, these guys really aren't conservatives.

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And It Didn't Even Bring Me Down

Here's a nice Dave Marsh piece (via Expecting Rain) on Doug Sahm.

 The beauties of Saldana, for instance, encompass the loose narcotized blues of "Stoned Faces Don't Lie" (akin to the O'Jays' "Backstabbers" and Undisputed Truth's "Smiling Faces Sometimes" in its portrait of a counterculture falling into abject dishonesty), the rocked-up tejano of "Me and My Destiny" (which has the mood of a Blonde on Blonde outtake), the goofy rock of "She's Huggin' You (But She's Lookin' At Me)," the secular gospel lament "Oh Lord, Please Let It Rain in Texas," a cover of T-Bone Walker's "Papa Ain't Salty," and probably the greatest rock'n'roll talking blues, "The Railpak Dun Done in the Del Monte," a magnificent reminder that the first time that Woody Guthrie left Oklahoma, he landed not in California but Texas. Could even Woody have beaten a sweet-tempered anti-corporate rant ("we're gonna do away with all them _soulful_ trains) that features the chorus, "The Railpak dun done in the Del Monte / What a drag, what a drag, what a drag." Could any other performer since Guthrie have pulled off such an improbable concoction?

... It's taken almost two decades of a CD reissue boom to restore Sahm's most important albums to print. Except for a splendid essay by Mitch Myers in a recent issue of Magnet, nobody's paying them much attention. In a time of turmoil, these albums have been almost all I've listened to for the past two weeks, and it's been more than comforting, it's been a re-education about the music values of Doug Sahm-and me, too. Myers sums it up, describing all his various aspects and declaring, "Doug Sahm dared to dream all of these different dreams and he grew up to be all of those different people."

Keep listening, and you get to share those dreams, although you'll become those people-as Doug himself did-at your own risk.

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