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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Flu kills thousands more in USA than thought. Yahoo News - About 47000 Americans, thousands more than previously thought, die each year from flu and another common respiratory virus called RSV, a study shows.
CDC says flu deaths outstripped estimates Boston Globe
Flu kills more as population ages Contra Costa Times
OfficialSpin - JAMA - Baltimore Sun - Daily Oklahoman - and 63 related » [Google Health News]
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Extreme Cinema: The 25 Most Dangerous Movies Ever Made. These are movies about which you could say, "That's Not Entertainment." They're not 'rides' or 'diversions.' They are galvanizing experiences that place squarely in your face all the stuff Hollywood usually presumes you go to the movies to get away from. Films that rearrange your head, that challenge your bedrock ideas about life and love and the big sleep. Consciousness-expanders, in other words, but rarely in a pleasant way. Thank God for them.... [Moon Farmer]
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iPhoto, iTunes Falling Down On Library Size. It makes no sense to add new features before basic scalability is taken care of. (O'Reilly Network via MyAppleMenu) [MyAppleMenu]

Good piece. iTunes and iPhoto bog down when you get more than a few files into them. It makes it hard to commit to Apple's software when you see stuff like this happening. I don't use iPhoto much, and my iTunes use is pretty much limited to playing MP3s from a separate server; I keep the library small.

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'Gadget printer' promises industrial revolution [New Scientist]

The idea of printing a light bulb may seem bizarre, but US engineers are now developing an ink-jet printing technology to do just that. The research at the University of California in Berkeley will allow fully assembled electric and electronic gadgets to be printed in one go.

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