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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Top 10 Fantastical Books of 2002

SFSite's list of the best fantastical books of last year is really interesting; I think I've only heard of one of these books (the China Mieville book), and read another (David Lindsey's Voyage to Arcturus, and it was a long, long time ago). The M. John Harison book looks really good, though apparently it hasn't been publised in the US. I did find a copy on Alibris, and ordered it.
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Bush Said N. Korea Didn't Need Inspectors

From Buzzflash, here's an interesting news story from April 2002:

The US Government has announced that it will release $95m to North Korea as part of an agreement to replace the Stalinist country's own nuclear programme, which the US suspected was being misused.

Under the 1994 Agreed Framework an international consortium is building two proliferation-proof nuclear reactors and providing fuel oil for North Korea while the reactors are being built.

In releasing the funding, President George W Bush waived the Framework's requirement that North Korea allow inspectors to ensure it has not hidden away any weapons-grade plutonium from the original reactors.

President Bush argued that the decision was "vital to the national security interests of the United States".

The incompetence of this bunch is staggering. Trouble is, it's also very dangerous; lots of people are going to die.

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Tucked Away in a Corner of Country. Greg Brown, an itinerant Iowa Zen beatnik folkie, with a voice that's deep, rutted and dark, is an authentic creature and interpreter of the Midwest. By Peter Applebome. [New York Times: Arts]

Mike, if you would listen to Garrison Keillor, you'd have been hearing Greg Brown over the last 10 years or so... Seriously, though, this is a great article. I don't own any Greg Brown, but I should get some.
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Doh! Groening's Guide to Digital Cartooning . OJR article "The Simpsons" is still hand-drawn, it's just inked and painted digitally rather than paint slathered on cells. But actual pencil drawings are scanned into the computer. With traditional animation there is an amazing history where you have the mark of brilliant artists, and what we try to do, at least on "Futurama" and now on "The Simpsons," is have it look as much like traditional animation as we can.... [Moon Farmer]
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